Monday, October 4, 2010

Sorry about my Absence

This past week has been hell, I moved into a new home and before I moved I had the comcast ppl come over to make sure my home was ready so there would be no down time as my work is done over the internet. The comcast represantive walked through my new home, and seemed to inspect some stuff and told me "yep once you move just give us a call and we'll switch the service over, you're good to go as far as wiring is"

Hearing this I assumed he was right, i mean he is the comcast man after all! so moving day comes and goes, I'm all settled in and I hook up all my cable boxes and my modem etc..  I make the phone call to comcast and they tell me my service is all switched over and to enjoy it. So after turning everything on I'm surprised that NONE of it works. I quickly make another call to the comcast company and they insist i go through all this bullshit ass troubleshooting, which I've already done myself and then pretty much call me a dumbass because the trouble shooting doesnt work. To make matters wrst they can't send out a Rep until monday (this was friday) How ppissed I was!

Come monday, the rep (which they charged me for having here btw) tells me my home was only wired for sattelite service and not comcast service >.< he fixes the shit and hands me a bill. Fuck you comcast!

TLDR, Comcast sucks and made me pay for their errors.