Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jailbreak ps3 - ti84+ edition

Just as i stated in my last post it is possible to jailbreak your ps3 with just a TI84+ Graphing calculator, be warned i don't have one on hand so I haven't tested but here is some video proof that it works.

From what I understand some of the features in this jailbreak are limited as they haven't been ported over yet, but if this is your only source for jailbreaking go for it!


Get the modded TI-84 file

Get Backup Manager (Stealth Version DOES NOT WORK FOR THIS)

Right Click on TI-84 modded file, and Send to TI Device

Push APPS button on TI-84, scroll to PS3JB

Unplug PS3, or flip switch off if using a fat PS3 (Mine was stolen hence the slim one)

Plug TI-84 in, hit enter to get to the menu, and press 1 on PSJB app

Press on and then eject, in my case a game was in I forgot about, I just hit eject again, but once should be all that is needed.

Scroll to Game and look for Install PKG files

Insert Flash Drive

Install manager.pkg

Enjoy future homebrew and backups for PERSONAL USE FOR GAMES THAT YOU OWN!


  1. Bad. Ass.

    Now if only I could get my hands on 300$ to buy a damn PS3 :p

  2. I love gadgets!
    May The FORCE be With You!

  3. ps3 vs. Calculator from the 90s

    winner: calculator

    take that sony!

  4. who knew a old calculator could defeat your next gen gaming console!

  5. i am more iwth pc myself. But i cant forget the good old days when i played PS 1 : twisted metal /tekken and many other

  6. Thats crazy! I should pull out the ol' TI and see what damage I can do...

  7. Great stuff here, come check out my SC2 blog full of good tips and tricks =)

  8. Thanks for the comments on my last GTL blog post.

  9. Never thought id see the day a calculator would be used to hack a console xD

  10. Man, that is just AMAZING!

  11. With a calculator!? OMG, good information, we're in touch!

  12. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  13. ok this is just insane, sony really must suck at protecting their stuff lol

  14. D'you have stuff for XboX 360 ? Thanks bro

  15. Sick man I have both ps3 and any info/tip of the 360?