Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ooohhhhh Sony, You Mad?

So I've been keeping up with the ps3 jailbreak info etc and it seems Sony has been doing the same haha
They recently filed a lawsuit targeting the makers of the jailbreak program, even quoting the infamous iphone hacks and  calculator hack lol

Below i copied from go there for actual pdf documents of the actual court filings!

In an update to the court action against the owners of PSJAILBREAK, I have gotten all the possible recent court documents that are available right now at much personal cost to myself (money for documents), but I thought it would serve the public good to see what the Sony legal dogs are up to.

In these boring legal filings by Sony, it now covers not just PSJailbreak, but also names PSGroove, PSFreedom, OpenPSJailbreak, and they have filed printouts from various blogs, forums, and sites like PS3NEWS with comments and tutorials people have been writing up on how to use these various programs. They even mention of course the phone ports & TI84 calc. hacks.

Sony is using this information, to get the courts to order up faster service, to force the various ISP', Domain Register's, and Web Hosting Services to give up the personal info on their clients so that can serve more court papers on those people, and issue DMCA takedown notices to shut down various sites.

So for the Judge has only granted one order so far, this one is directed to YAHOO! to within 5 business days to turn over all the information they have on a "", all IP's he used to access his mail, his personal info stored by Yahoo, his email of course, and other logs.

This E-Mail address is the one that was used to rent the mail-drop box in Texas used by as their virtual office for orders, shipments, registering the domain name, etc.

Recently, that above name site which also goes under the company name of Zoomba stop using the ".com" domain and now is operating under a domain. -- Plus also the site which seems to point IP wise to the older site, has suddenly been changed to DOJ/IPR/ICE notice that has been used in the past for "Torrent/Movie" site take-downs!

Anyhow, here is all the public court documents you can read thru them now, and see just what SCEA has been printing out about yourself online, they are asking the court they need to findout the true identify of everyone that sells, makes, offers for sale, or even has just knowledge of the real people behind any project called PSJailbreak, PSGroove, OpenPSJailbreak, PSFreedom.

Don't be surprized if the next few days, you see less sites online, or you find yourself answering the door to a person serving you a Summons to Appear! -- The good reading stuff is the PDF's called Exhibit or Exhibits!


  1. So complete! and you say you even paid for the documents for our viewing pleasure?? Thank you man! But I don't get it...I thought Sony loved hackers!!!

  2. Haha nice. Thanks for contributing the goods here.

  3. The Sony Coast Guard is fighting the pirates.

  4. wow. they are pretty serious about this, aren't they? but people will always find a way.
    where's the link to the documents or am I just retarded?

  5. so typical of sony. they hate losing fights.

  6. Oh. Wow. Am I ever excited for jailbreaking my PS3.

    I mean, I fully intend to make digital backups of my frail BluRay disks in order to preserve the content that I have bought and paid for.


  7. sony has nothing on calculator hackers!

  8. kinda scary that they record everything you ever do online

  9. Sony is a powerful company, so be careful, man.

  10. Wow, they really want to control everything.
    Nowadays it feels like when you buy something, you lose your personal rights.
    It's MY console, I bought it, if i want to incinerate/jailbreak/eat it i should be allowed to, for chrissakes.

  11. Thanks for the insightful comments on my last blog post!

  12. dear sony,

    your console is hackable by its own controler.
    its to late, give up already.

    love the internet

  13. :-s...Not Funny!
    May The FORCE Be With You!

  14. man, glad I have systems which are easier to pirate on